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    Presenters of oral presentations are invited to contribute manuscripts (including original research articles, communications, or reviews) for the special issue of MRPM15 in Magnetic Resonance Letters. The publishing will be completely open access and free of charge. Manuscripts need to be prepared according to the guidelines for research articles in Magnetic Resonance Letters. The submission links to this special issue will be announced later. Manuscript will be reviewed by members of the MRPM international advisory committee as well as other external reviewers. The submission deadline is Oct 15th, 2022.

    Magnetic Resonance Letters (MRL) is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal, launched in July 2021, quarterly published by Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (APM, CAS). As the first English journal of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in China and the official journal of the Committee of Magnetic Resonance of the Chinese Physics Society, MRL has been selected as "High Starting Point New Journal" project of the 2019 China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan. It is devoted to publishing original articles in various aspects of magnetic resonance, such as MRI, fMRI, MRS, NMR, ESR, NQR, etc., and focusing on the frontiers of magnetic resonance theories and their applications. The journal will provide many author benefits, such as easy online submission, fast and high-quality peer review, free language polishing, no page or color charges, fast publication, and authors retaining copyright. All accepted articles are free to download in ScienceDirect for immediate access and high visibility.

    More details of this journal can be found:



    The Giulio Cesare Borgia Award has been established in dedication to Giulio Cesare Borgia for his contributions to the development of Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media. The award memorializes his enthusiasm, passion, and encouragement of young people who undertook the difficult and adventurous path of scientific investigation in this fascinating area of research. The award will be bestowed upon an emerging scientist (typically under the age of 35) who, based on their conference presentation, shows great promise for future scientific leadership. The prize is sponsored by the University of Bologna and will be presented during the closing ceremony of the MRPM meeting.



    As for previous conferees we will have poster prizes for the best posters presented by students. The poster prize committee will be constituted by experts from the MRPM committees. The prizes will be will be presented during the closing ceremony of the MRPM meeting.

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