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  • Dear scholars, professionals and students of magnetic resonance and/or porous media, welcome to the 15th International Bologna Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM15). MRPM15 will be held in Hangzhou, China from Aug. 21 to Aug. 26, 2022.

    MRPM conference was originally started at the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1990. Over thirty years, MRPM travels across the world from Italy to UK, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, USA, New Zealand, and finally, this time to China. MRPM attracts the researchers from different scientific backgrounds, from magnetic resonance imaging, relaxometry to spectroscopy, from chemists to medical practitioners, from food science to oil industry. This is an interdisciplinary and collaborative conference with an inclusive culture and diverse topics. 

    MRPM15 is organized by Zhejiang University which is based in Hangzhou, a World Heritage historic city. Hangzhou was once the capital city of China in the Song Dynasty about one thousand years ago. It was the east end of the silk road as it has been producing world-famous silk and tea for more than a thousand years. It is called as “the heaven of the living world” in China for its gorgeous view of West Lake and the quiet retreats in tea plantation hills. Nowadays, Hangzhou is one of the leaders in China’s economy thanks to the internet giant Alibaba, which headquartered in Hangzhou, and many other high-tech companies.

    Zhejiang University is a prestigious multidisciplinary higher-education institute in China. For over a hundred years, Zhejiang University nurtures the dream of a modern China by generations of Chinese. Today, it encompasses seven campuses and hosts more than 60,000 students. Top-level academic and industrial researches are being incubated and matured in Zhejiang University. It currently hosts a solid-state NMR center and a medical MR imaging center whose research works are in synchronization with the latest developments in the field. It also hosts diverse research groups in the areas related to porous media. It is going to be an exciting event when Zhejiang University meets the MRPM community next to the graceful West Lake.     

    Unfortunately, due to the likely continuation of COVID-19 pandemic, the international travel to China is still difficult. For this reason, the MRPM15 conference will be held both in-person (for most participants in China) and online (for most international participants). This form of conference organization is going to be unique in history of MRPM. However, it is the organizers’ dearest hope to celebrate MRPM’s tradition of international and interdisciplinary friendship, and to spread the scientific spirit to all related areas. We welcome you with the warmest hospitality and hope to build a great atmosphere for interpersonal communication and collaboration. Please save these important dates in your calendar, and we are looking forward to seeing you in MRPM15 no matter online or in person.



    Xueqian Kong and Ruiliang Bai

    Chair and Co-Chair of MRPM15


    01 March 1st: Abstract submission opens; Early registration opens;

    02 June 15th: Abstract submission for oral consideration ends;

    03 June 30th: Early registration ends;

    04 July 31: Abstract submission for poster consideration has been extended to July 31;

    05 Aug 20th: Online registration ends.

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