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  • Early Registration Fee ( Payment before June 30th, 2022)

    Online only: 150 USD or 1000 RMB for faculty/non-student; 50 USD or 300 RMB for student

    Both online and in person: 400 USD or 2500 RMB for faculty/non-student; 200 USD or 1200 RMB for student


    Regular Registration Fee (Payment after July 1st , 2022)

    Online only: 200 USD or 1200 RMB for faculty/non-student; 70 USD or 400 RMB for student

    Both online and in person: 500 USD or 3000 RMB for faculty/non-student; 250 USD or 1500 RMB for student



    Online registration fee includes the online participation from Aug 21 to 26, 2022.

    Both online and in person registration fee includes online participation (from Aug 21-24) and in person participation (from Aug 25-26). It also includes meals and tea breaks on Aug 25 and 26.

    If you are unable to attend for any reason, the registration fee (There will be some handling charges deducted)will be refunded by submitting an application to the MRPM15 Committee before August 10, 2022 (Email: MRPM15@163.com).



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